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How It Works

Our Proven Process

We help Airbnb owners maximize their property investment and create solid revenue streams
through a proven, four-step process. It’s what sets Aircare apart in our field and helps bring
our clients peace of mind that their properties are in great hands. Here’s how it works.

Step 1 - Consultation

In the first stage, we discuss your needs and goals; see whether you’re a good fit for Airbnb; and do a site visit to determine whether your property is suitable for listing. This is where we get to know one another and make sure our visions are aligned.

Step 2 - Preparation & Set Up

Each client’s needs are unique. For some units, we come in and
tend to the finer details to make the unit stand out and ensure
that the guests will have everything they need. In other cases,
we make wholesale interior design changes or completely furnish
the unit.

Step 3 - Staging &

To make your Airbnb stand out from the other listings, we stage
the unit to bring out its best side. Then we bring in a
professional photographer who knows the angles and lighting
that will make the images pop and catch the attention of
customers looking for a luxury Airbnb.

Step 4 - Sit Back & Relax

Once the work is done, you can leave the day-to-day operations
of your luxury Airbnb to us, freeing up time and focus for you to
do what you best – whether you are working in other
endeavours or enjoying retired life. Trust the team at Aircare to
make it happen!